June 4, 2019

5 Common Dental Problems You Should Know

  • by Daniel Arthur
  • 1 year ago
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To some people, their dental health could be bread and butter. However, to some, dental health is an essential thing for models, TV personalities and beauty queens because everything is determined by their look.

It is always good for everyone to smile. Everyone will, therefore, know the set of the teeth you are smiling with. However, most people are suffering from dental problems because of financial abilities or negligence to visit dentists in Birmingham al.

It is essential to treasure your teeth and avoid facing these common dental problems:

  1. Cavities And Tooth Decay

For cavities, they are the permanently damaged areas that are around the surface of the tooth and may result in tiny holes. However, it is a common dental problem that can also happen to infants.

These problems are caused by plaque that results in tarter. The plaque results from food with starch and sugar content after it settles on the teeth surface. The bacteria inside your mouth will feed on the sugar and starch that will lead to deterioration of the enamel.

  1. Gum Disease

This gum disease is a common problem, especially for adults. The problem of gum disease is that it has three stages that start with gingivitis. If you don’t treat gingivitis accordingly, it will lead to periodontal disease, but when treated properly, the disease is reversible.

The disease will need treatment as soon the dentist realizes you are having that problem. If it reaches the third stage, it is called advanced periodontal disease; it will lead to falling loose of your teeth.

It is much like other problems and therefore easy to treat the gum disease. Since it results from plaque, bacteria that attacks your ligaments, you can practice good oral hygiene and prevent it. It is the reason why the dentist suggests brushing of teeth regularly.

  1. Bad Breath

If you have bad breath, nothing will make you feel embarrassed that this condition. It is a condition called halitosis, and its common oral problem that cuts across all the ages. It might seem common but results from other dental problems.

According to studies, it has proven that more than 80 percent of people experiencing bad breath, they have been suffering from other dental problems. It is a common symptom that you are suffering from oral cancer, cavities or gum disease.

  1. Dry Mouth

The problem is sometimes referred to as xerostomia. It is a condition that saliva glands will not be able to produce enough saliva that will ensure your mouth is moist.

Saliva is beneficial because it has antibacterial components that will help you keep plaque off from your teeth surface. It will result from numerous things like prescription medication, stress, aging or smoking.

  1. Tooth Crowding

This is an aesthetic dental problem that most people are missing. It causes alignment issues that eventually cause temporomandibular jaw disorder. Misaligned bites will cause jaw problems that need surgery to fix.

Tooth crowding is fixed properly though lengthy procedure. It will, therefore, help to prevent misaligned bites and jaw disorders.

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