All You Need To Know About Dentures: Complete and Partial Types

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A good set of teeth is qualified by three objectives: strong, healthy, and well structured. Some people also say that the best smiles are made with good teeth. Unfortunately, this can be marred by several infections. Such infections may lead to broken teeth, tooth decay, injury, and so on.

One of the few cases of tooth problems is fractured or missing teeth. Many times, victims of missing tooth are often embarrassed by their situation. In many cases, such victims find it hard to flaunt a smile without being self-conscious about the gap. Interestingly, a couple of dentists have sought ways to tackle this problem. One of such solutions is dentures. With dentures, such missing tooth is conveniently replaced. Additionally, the dental health and oral hygiene of the patient is secured. Thus, dentures give the patients a boost to wear a smile again.

Type of Dentures

Generally, dentures are referred to as prosthetic teeth. Simply put, they are false teeth that are used to fill or replace missing teeth. From the overall application of dentures, it is inferred that they can also be called ‘oral cavity’ enhancement devices. However, patients can restructure their oral cavity with either full or partial dentures. Therefore, the types of dentures are classified as complete or partial.

Any Difference?

It is expected that the reason for the types of dentures is because each type yields a certain result. As both names imply, the difference is in the number of missing teeth. When there is a need to replace gaps left by one or more teeth, then the patient opts for partial dentures. In other cases where the patient is missing multiple teeth (more than a few), complete dentures are used. As expected, complete dentures are more difficult to install. The reason is that the dentures have little or no teeth to hold on to unlike in partial dentures.

Benefits of Dentures: Complete and Partial

  • Comfortable

It is a myth that dentures are uncomfortable. With advanced dental technology, a new and improved set of dentures are made. The recently infused materials allow for more comfort and style.

  • Appearance

A patient’s look is enhanced when dentures are fixed. The saying that ‘age is only a number’ applies here because dentures naturally instill a younger look. After all, when one is missing a tooth, it makes such a person look old. Thus, dentures have age reversal recipes that can change one’s outlook from 70 to 17.

  • Ease of chewing

Broken or missing teeth reduces the ability to much food. This results in a drastic change in habits. In the worst cases, such a person may see a decline in appetite because of the stress of chewing. But with dentures, this can be corrected.

  • Ease of maintenance

Dentures are easily maintained. They are fixed in such a way that they can be removed for proper cleaning. This proved the point that dentures improve oral hygiene.

Generally, dentures are very convenient to use.

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