Clenbutrol: the Best Thermogenic for Women

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Women have this inborn insecurity about how they look. Their body is the biggest factor that pushes them to seek enhancement. As a woman, do you also feel that way? If you want to start being one of the “fitspiration”, then here’s something for you. Aspire for that body and be one of those thermogenic women.

What is Clenbutrol?

Clenbutrol is a powerful thermogenic drug that was originally used to treat patients with asthma. It is entirely legal and safe version of the very popular steroid, Clenbuterol. This is considered as an ultimate fat burning aid and an ideal cutting-cycle steroid. This is perfect for getting rid of that fat you already have or may have gained to get that cut after packing on those muscle mass.

Why is it best for women?

Use of Clenbuterol has been preferred by women because it does not have androgenic side effects. Female athletes and bodybuilders have been even more accepting of clenbuterol than their male counterparts, as it does not come with the side effects that steroids do. It focuses on the ingredients and overall effectiveness as a fat burner without leaving those side effects of virilization or acquiring characteristics of men like the excessive growth of body hair and deepening of the voice.

Proper use

In order to achieve desirable effects, you must take responsibility in proper drug administration. Knowing more about this supplement, its pharmacodynamics and how it must be administered is the best way to start being one of those  thermogenic women.

Take 20 mcg a day for three weeks of use, and the dose can increase by 20 mcg a day thereafter.

This must be continued until you reach 120 mcg.

Not all may have to reach that point but always be cautious about increasing the dosage because it must exceed more than 120 mcg for it poses several side effects.


As an ultimate fat burner supplement, here are the benefits it brings that are mostly directed towards fat burning and muscle cutting. The best way to achieve that dream body and has been proven effective by termogenico para mujer.

  • Appetite suppression – the great way to fight off those cravings for delicious, mouthwatering, but unhealthy foods. However, you must be responsible not to reach up to the point of starvation that may also bring harm to your health.
  • Promotes lean muscle growth – It simultaneously shreds fats while stimulating the muscle building process, leading to faster muscle gains.
  • Boosts metabolism – The powerful thermogenic properties increase your core body temperature, resulting in a boost to your metabolism. This boost your fat-burning process together with proper diet and exercise
  • Hastens recovery – It shortens the recovery time required post-workout, which allows you to be consistent with workout sessions without exhausting all your strength.
  • Increases muscle endurance – It increases the amount of oxygen delivered to your muscles, and achieve a better hematologic function needed for muscle building and fat burning and to achieve a higher intensity workout.
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