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Dental Implants & Bone grafting – Everything you should Know About!

  • by Daniel Arthur
  • 1 year ago
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Losing a tooth can be exciting during childhood but losing one as an adult is frightening and disheartening. Good news is that the gap in the mouth caused by a missing tooth can be resolved quickly with dental implants Sydney. Thanks to dental advancements over the past decades, replacing missing teeth has become more accessible than ever. Far from being limited to one option, your dentist can find the oral solution that can be perfectly customised to fit your needs. For most of the patients, dental implants restore their attractive smile and protect the function and form of the mouth. But, how are dental implants related to bone grafting? Here is everything you should know about it!

How does Bone Grafting work?

Bone grafting is relatively a common procedure that involves using a special bone grafting material to strengthen and enhance the jawbone or taking a section of the bones from another area of the patient’s body. When left for some fixed duration, the graft produces enough bone to help affordable dental implants Sydney sit securely in the mouth. Dental implants can create a full set of teeth to restore normal appearance and function of your mouth. If your jaw bone suffers systemic damage, bone grafting can help strengthen it for the implant.

Why would i need Bone Grafting?

Teeth are essential for more than just talking and smiling. They continually stimulate your jaw bone keeping them strong and healthy. Losing a tooth for a long time makes the jawbone underneath become thin and brittle due to lack of stimulation needed for bone growth. As we know, dental implants are fixed into the jaw bone to hold the crown firmly.  However, when your jaw bone isn’t healthy and durable, dental implants cannot be placed in it. This is where your dentist will suggest you have bone grafting before going for a dental implant.

Is there an alternative to Bone Grafting?

Bone grafting has become more advanced over the past decade, but now another innovative option is also used to preserve jawbone differently. Osseodensification is a new procedure that condenses the jawbone to make room for the implant. This process creates a space for the implant by pushing the jawbone from where the artificial tooth needs to be placed.

What is Osseodensification?

To receive an affordable dental implants cost Sydney, space should be created within your jawbone. Osseodensification is an innovative procedure to condense the jawbone in order to make room for the implants. It also strengthens the bone where the implant should be fixed in order to ensure implant longevity.

Osseodensification not only makes room for the implant but also makes the area stronger and denser than they were before.

Will Dental Implants Sydney protect Jawbone?

Dental implants, unlike bridges, are not just mounted over the gum line. Dental implants replace the tooth root structure. As the implants are fitted into the jawbone, they continue to stimulate the bones while chewing thus protecting the jaw bone.

We hope you have got a good idea on the bond between bone grafting and dental implants. So, when your dentist suggests for grafting do not panic, just go for one!

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