March 25, 2019

Discover the process of tooth bonding

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Many of you might have a chipped, broken or a stained tooth. With tooth bonding process, you can make your teeth look new and shiny. At cosmetic dentist Toronto you can get it done at an affordable cost. It mainly repairs the damage wherein a composite resin gets bind to the tooth. Hence, this treatment is named as tooth bonding. You just have to visit once and the process gets done. Majorly this process is done for a cosmetic purpose. However, it is at times used to cover the spaces between the teeth or change the shape of the teeth.

As you know how useful this process is, let us check out the complete process of tooth bonding.

Preparation:  For bonding, no special preparation is required. Only in tooth decay cases, anesthesia is used. Cosmetic dentist Toronto matches the shade of your existing teeth with the composite resin color which is to be applied. A shade guide is used for this purpose.

How tooth bonding is done?

After the shade is finalized, the surface of the tooth is slightly etched. This is to make it rough. This method is also known as adhesive bonding. A gentle phosphoric acid solution is used here. Once the roughing agent is removed, a conditioning liquid is used to adhere to the bonding.

Next, a putty-like resin similar to the color of the tooth is applied. It is further moulded and made smooth so that the desired shape is achieved. Using the ultraviolet light or laser, the material is made hard.

Cosmetic dentist Toronto tries to improve the shape with some trimming. To match it with the shine of another tooth surface, the material is polished.

Time taken for this procedure is 30 minutes to 1 hour per tooth. In case of more than one tooth, several visits are required.


It is advised to avoid tea, coffee, cigarette smoke, and other eating or drinking items. This is because they can cause more stain. It is mainly recommended for the first 48 hours after the tooth bonding process.  You also need to maintain proper dental hygiene such as brushing the teeth regularly.

You should also avoid biting your fingernails or chewing anything hard like pen caps or raw carrots. This is because tooth bonding does not have strength as your real teeth.

After you have got the tooth bonding done, for how long it lasts?

It is depended upon you. You need to take care of your bonded teeth once the process is done.  Your better oral habits can help you in keeping it last for long.

Seek the advice of experts such as cosmetic dentist Toronto before undergoing this process. This is because it requires great skills to get the best result after this treatment.

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