October 17, 2017

Four Awesome Benefits of Dental Implants

  • by Daniel Arthur
  • 3 Years ago
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Dental implants are innovative replacement teeth which mimic the entire teeth structure. When properly cared for, they can last a lifetime. If you have at least one broken, decayed or missing tooth which might be beyond repair, your dentist in Newnan Georgia may recommend a dental implant. When you are not comfortable with your bridge or dentures, consider the benefits of implant technology.

In previous years, people who had insufficient bone or were suffering certain health conditions could not be a perfect candidate for dental implants. However, because of advances in diagnostics and bone reconstruction, the majority of patients today can get those implants. Here are the reasons dental implants are great solutions.

Work Like your Natural Teeth

Dental implants can restore your ability to chew food normally. The majority of patients cannot tell the difference between the implant and their natural teeth. Once placed, the patients can eat with the implant normally.

Prevent Bone Loss

A lack of tooth can leave the jaw bone in the empty space deteriorating because of a lack of stimulation. When you lose a tooth and don’t choose to have an implant placed, the bone area may lose some of its volumes. And the bone loss is expected to continue over the years.

While you may choose dentures, keep in mind that they may even speed up the bone loss since they usually become loose and rub against the bony ridge, leading to a gradual wear. A dental implant serves as a tooth and root replacement, thus stimulates natural bone growth.

 Prevent Facial Sagging

The bone loss that results from the missing teeth can cause the face to sag. This means that at least one-third of your face begins to collapse, closing the distance between your nose’s tip and the chin. This condition comes with other changes such as thinning lips and too many wrinkles around the mouth that could make you look older than your age.

Ensure Stability of Adjacent Teeth

Because of the gap from the missing tooth, the adjacent teeth can shift towards the gap in a crooked manner. This leads to the teeth being pulled out of position and impacting your bite, chewing ability and look. This change can result in interference which makes it difficult to replace the tooth. And if you have a poor bite, you may problems with your temporomandibular joint that is likely to cause headaches and pain

Improve Confidence

Missing teeth present health and cosmetic concerns. If you have missing teeth, you may feel too conscious or embarrass to share your smile. Because dental implants function and look like your natural teeth, it is only you who will know that you have them.

You can care for your implants the way you care for your natural teeth. The implants don’t require extra maintenance and just need regular oral hygiene and check up. They are made to blend in with your adjacent teeth to give you a natural and confident smile.

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