Four Reasons to Let your Child See an Orthodontist in The Woodlands, TX

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  • 1 year ago
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Making a decision to get braces for your kid can be hard. You will be concerned about whether they really need them, how much they may cost, and if your child is ready for the braces. But, braces can beneficial to your child. To help you make a decision, an orthodontist in The Woodlands, TX can help you understand the benefits of braces which include the following:

Keep your Child’s Teeth Healthy

If your child’s teeth are misaligned, they may have more problems than having an unappealing appearance. Crooked teeth make tight spaces between the teeth, trapping food. Such tight spaces make it difficult for your child to brush and floss their teeth thoroughly. If this is the case, gum disease can develop. It is always easy to clean, brush, and floss straighter teeth, ensuring your child’s dental health.

Improve their Speech

Speaking involves the tongue moving against the top of the mouth and teeth. Teeth that tend to lie backward in the mouth or push too far forward can create speech issues, especially in kids. Braces can correct this problem.

Prevent Jaw Pain that can Develop in the Future

As jaw joints try to correct problems in the way teeth fit together on their own, they can result in serious jaw disorders which cause discomfort and pain. A misaligned jaw can result in pain, jaw pain, popping and chronic headaches.

Improve the Smile

As braces can help straighten teeth, your child will enjoy an improved smile. A crooked smile can result in dental issues and self-esteem problems. As teeth are straightened, braces make your child feel more confident in their physical look and themselves.

If you live in The Woodlands, TX, you can easily find a reputable orthodontist who will check if your little one has lost their baby teeth early or abnormally, they find it difficult to chew or bite into foods because of misaligned teeth, their jaws are shifting, they used to still suck their thumb, or they tend to cheek-bite.

The majority of dentists recommend that a visit to an orthodontist should be done as early as 7 years old. This helps you know any possible problems with your child’s teeth and how their smile develops as they get permanent teeth. An orthodontist will monitor the growth of your child until they can start an orthodontic treatment. If your little one has not seen an orthodontist yet, schedule a consultation appointment with the best orthodontist in The Woodlands, TX. The dentist will discuss with you a possible treatment plan to ensure your child can smile with confidence forever.

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