May 16, 2018

Give an Epic Smile with Implants

  • by Daniel Arthur
  • 2 Years ago
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Dental implants are the best restorative method, yet there are risks posed. Thus, before deciding, patients must understand the dental implants benefits and risks. This is a surgical procedure and only if you are convinced and can afford accept going for implants.


The implants are effective and practical alternative to dentures and traditional bridges.  The benefits are:

Improved appearance

There is no doubt that the dental implants feel, look and behave as natural teeth that people around you can never know, your teeth is not original. The crowns are shaped individually and color-matched, creating a uniform appearance.

Improved oral health

The dental implants fitting do not affect any nearby teeth and so cleaning around individual teeth is easier and your oral health stays improved.


Denture removal is not required even at mealtimes or bedtimes and there is no adhesive leaving the denture slipping from its place. The benefit is that the implants stay secured in place that you can enjoy life without interruptions.


Implants are durable and with proper attention and care, it may last a lifetime.


Dentures rub against your gums and cause discomfort. On the other hand, the implants give a natural feel as your very own teeth.


Implants offer the confidence of smiling and talking. This is the reason many consider dental implants for cosmetic reasons. This is because they get neatly aligned, colored, uniformly shaped teeth allowing giving a wonderful smile.


The success rate is high of dental implants such that it is at around 98%.

Dental implants risks

The success rate is very high, yet there are some considerations you should make.

Healthy gums and bone

Dental implants are successful only if the patient has healthy bone and gums to anchor the implants.

Risk groups

There are some people who are evaluated for dental implants suitability. These may be heavy smokers; people received radiation to the head or neck area and people suffering due to chronic conditions such as diabetes or heart disease.

Commitment to the regime of oral hygiene

The longevity and success of implants is based on the patient’s ability to maintain an oral hygiene routine. They must brush slowly reaching all the areas and consider floss twice daily.

The implants are a huge investment and as it is sophisticated, there may be extra costs based on the treatment undertaken. These are permanent restorations and are also time consuming process.

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