Here’s Your Basic Guide to Holistic Dentistry!

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Like everyone else, you are probably wondering what ‘holistic dentistry’ is all about. Also known as biological dentistry, holistic dentistry is based on the concept that oral health is directly related to the overall health of the person. Instead of just using some of the common methods and treatments used in conventional dentistry, holistic dentistry often uses a wide range of alternative treatments and natural approaches to prevent, diagnose, and treat dental problems. Holistic Dental Association is the umbrella group consisting of many members in the US and offers all the resources that patients and biological dentistry practitioners need to know. Wondering what is a holistic dentist? Holistic dentistry explained below for your help.

Why is holistic dentistry important?

Don’t be surprised to know that oral health is linked to your overall health in more ways than one. The oral cavity is basically the entry point for infection-causing bacterial and viruses, which eventually end up in the bloodstream. A holistic dentist is concerned with your dental concerns, but at the same time, he/she will also consider any factors that may negatively affect your health in general. A lot of issues like gum infection, gingivitis, and tooth decay can actually cause inflammation, which eventually affects your digestive system and health. Many health conditions, such as diabetes and HIV, can have an impact on your oral health, and a holistic dentist can help in understanding the same.

Knowing the differences

Well, holistic dentistry involves the same range of treatments as conventional dentistry, but the approach to the job may vary. Usually, holistic dentists do all it takes to use the safest materials for the treatments and procedures. As such, things like fluoride treatments and mercury fillings are not used. They also consider the long-term risk factors of a treatment, and if required, they may use an alternative course that can prevent some of the immediate and long-term concerns. In holistic dentistry, root canal treatment is also not preferred, because the treated tooth can still harbor bacteria.

If you want to opt for holistic dentistry, you can check online for the clinics that specialize in the same. Be ready and open to a lot of new concepts, theories and treatments, and don’t shy away from asking questions when you see a dentist for the first time. With the right approach, holistic dentistry can reduce most risks and concerns effectively that are otherwise related to oral health and conventional dentistry.

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