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  • How to go about choosing the best heart surgeon in the business domain?

How to go about choosing the best heart surgeon in the business domain?

  • by Daniel Arthur
  • 2 Years ago
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The moment your doctor asks you to opt for a heart surgery, you might not take their judgement at face value. But a lot of questions are to be answered because the stakes appear to be too high. The most important point of consideration would be whether you have the time to make a decision. Unless it appears to be a serious disorder that has an impact on your life there does not seem to any need for a surgery on an immediate basis. Just think through the options and then make an informed choice. When you choose the best cardiac surgeon in India you do present yourself with a lot of options.

You might be asked to go for a heart surgery because of a host of reasons. This could be heart failure, heart blockage, damage to the arteries and the list is endless. Some of the cases you can go on to deal with minimal invasive methods. The choice of the best cardiac surgeon in India does not seem to be an easy task as there are various points to be aware. To choose the best among the heart surgeons they are some points you need to be aware of

You should select a surgeon who does have considerable experience in the field of surgery you are looking to have

There is no short cut for experience. If a hospital does have a lot of patients they are expected to have positive outcomes. It would be prudent on your part to choose a surgeon who is affiliated with a hospital of repute. The top notch hospitals go on to perform around 1200 surgeries on an annual basis.

Do take into consideration that the hospital is in a position to care for emergency contingencies.

In most cases you want the surgery to proceed without any major complications. At the same time if there does arise any problem you need to have a strong back up plan ready? Do consider the fact that the hospital does have a strong back up team along with a host of other resources that would enable you to recover in a quick manner.

It would be better to opt for a surgeon with whom you are comfortable with

A good surgeon should be one with whom you are comfortable. They should be able to discuss the treatment options with you. In addition they should welcome your question and at the same time give you satisfactory answers.

What normally happens once the procedure is over?

If you are aware on what happens after a surgery the process of recovery does become a lot faster. Most of the patients are expected to stay in the ICU for a single night. Since you are emerging from anaesthesia you might be given sedative so that when you wake up you become calm. This would be till the point the surgeon goes on to remove the breathing tube that could prove a lot unsettling.

It is obvious that in the first few days you are not going to be a lot comfortable. The breathing can hurt as you are going to possess drainage tubes in the chest when the surgical wound happens to heal. Once a day is over the hospital staff would encourage you to start moving. Once you touch around 4 days most of the patients can go home after the surgery. To ensure that all of you are on the same page, the surgeon in combination with the hospital discharge planner gets in touch with your primary care doctor and your cardiac surgeon. All this needs to happen before you are going to leave home from the hospital.

The doctors who are going to take care of you once you reach home needs to be aware on how to take care of you. In addition they need to take not whether any special steps need to be taken during the process of recovery. Sometimes there does arise a definite need for a special equipment when you are about to reach home. You need to comply with special dietary requirements.

When you are leaving the hospital is aware of the prescriptions in terms of medicine you are going to need. In order to reduce blood clotting they may prescribe you drugs as well. It would be prudent on your part to expect a pain killer so that you get considerable relief. In the next few days you might be able to manage via an over the counter medicine.

In the next few weeks you might be asked on how to increase the pace of walking till the point you become strong so as to precede with cardiac rehab. All these are carefully prescribed exercise regimes would go on to extend your life after a heart bypass surgery.

Does India suit you medical needs?

Of late India has gone on to become one of the top medical destinations of the world. Though other countries like Singapore and Thailand are providing India with a strong run of money in terms of better facilities, India has gone on to crave a bench mark for itself in the medical world. Where India scores over these countries is in terms of human capital as some of the top notch surgeons are found in this part of the world. Most of them have gone on to undertake their education in the top class institutes of the world and then returned back to India to showcase their skills. When you avail their services you do have a sense of confidence that you are in safe hands. They do promise better outcomes with reduced chances of complications.

Any help on the foreign shores would hold you in good stead. So it does become important that you link up with a medical tourism company of repute. They can guide you at each and every step of your medical journey. They have expert panellists on display.

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