How to Keep Invisalign Braces Clean – The Right Way

  • by Daniel Arthur
  • 11 Months ago
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Invisalign braces are a popular type of braces that consist of aligners that are almost completely unnoticeable while they’re being worn. That being said if you don’t keep those aligners clean they can very quickly start to become discolored, which will make them more noticeable or make it look as though your teeth are stained.

Because of that it is important that you know how to keep your Invisalign braces clean, and there are a few steps you should make sure you follow:

  • Rinse after removing

Every time you remove your aligners, get into the habit of rinsing them immediately using cold water. That will get rid of any excess saliva, and prevent dry saliva from building up over time on the aligners.

  • Soak when not in use

After aligners have been removed, if they aren’t being reinserted they should be soaked. Ideally you should use the official Invisalign cleaning crystals to keep the trays sanitized while they’re soaking, but there are other alternatives you could look into as well. Contrary to popular belief soaking aligners in mouthwash is a bad idea, as it will likely stain them the same color as the mouthwash.

  • Clean aligners with antibacterial soft soap

To clean your aligners, gently wipe or brush them using antibacterial soft soap or any of the official cleaning solutions. Do not brush them with toothpaste, as that will probably scratch the aligners or damage them in other ways. Additionally you should always use cold water when cleaning aligners, and not hot water that could damage the plastic the aligners are made from.

  • Brush and floss prior to inserting aligners

Before you insert aligners into your mouth, make sure you brush and floss beforehand. The last thing that you want is for food particles, bacteria and plaque to get trapped between the aligners and your teeth, so cleaning your teeth thoroughly will help.

  • Do not eat or drink anything while wearing aligners (except water)

Lots of foods and drinks can stain your aligners, and you need to be particularly wary of dark berries, coffee, soda, and so on. In fact as a rule you shouldn’t drink or eat anything while your aligners are in – except plain water.

As you can see there really is nothing that is too difficult about keeping your Invisalign braces clean, and odds are you shouldn’t have any issues now that you know how to go about it. At the end of the day the cleaner you keep your aligners, the more invisible they’ll be – which is the point in the first place.

If for any reason your aligners are damaged or stained, you may want to consult the Invisalign Sutton dentist that you go to. Damaged aligners in particular can be much less effective, and so you will probably need to get them replaced if the damage is too severe. On the other hand stained or discolored aligners aren’t likely to affect the effectiveness, but may look less than ideal.

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