February 16, 2019

Huhu Insurance Benefits

  • by Daniel Arthur
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1. Where can I find the insurance plan policy?You can view the Chinese and English versions of the insurance policy by clicking View Details on the purchase page. 2. Does Tiger Insurance provide dental and ophthalmology insurance?Tiger Insurance(Also known as 虎虎保险) provides dental and ophthalmologic treatments due to accidents. 3. What is the state that existed before the insurance?The existing state is the state of injury and illness that existed before the insurance took effect. He included pre-existing diseases and injuries, treatment and medication. 4. What does the deductible mean?The deductible is the amount you need to pay to your doctor or hospital after your insurance has been paid. 5. What is the shared commitment in medical care?The share of commitment is the percentage that your student insurance (also known as 留学生保险)will bear, which varies according to different insurance plans. You can click on the details to view the insurance plan.

6. After I have paid the deductible, will Tiger Insurance take 100% of the cost?After you have paid the deductible, Tiger Insurance (Also known as Huhu Insurance) will pay for other medical expenses. In addition to insurance policy restrictions, our insurance will cover the maximum amount of your insurance plan. If your medical bill exceeds the maximum insurance coverage, for example $500,000, you will be responsible for the excess medical expenses. 7. If there is a family member in my account, are these benefits the same? Is the family’s insurance number separate?This family member will enjoy the same benefits of your insurance, you can use the same insurance card, and our insurance confirmation will also show the name of the family member. 8. How do I know the specific process when I visit a doctor in the network?You can find out how to make an appointment by adding a Tiger Chinese Assistant, or you can click on our menu bar to book a doctor. 9. I learned that my insurance does not cover special treatment options. Can I still visit doctors on the Internet?Yes, you can visit a doctor but you need to pay for the treatment yourself.

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