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  • Improve your Athlete and Cognitive Performance with Alpha GPC

Improve your Athlete and Cognitive Performance with Alpha GPC

  • by Daniel Arthur
  • 11 Months ago
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Alpha Glycerylphosphorylcholinewhich is commonly known as Alpha GPC, is considered as the most effective nootropic choline supplement available in today’s market. It occurs naturally in the brain and you can also find its trace in several food items like meat, dairy, fish, egg etc. It is normally synthesized from different sources and converted into powder or capsules which are taken as nootropic supplement. Alpha GPC contains choline which is a vital nutrient. Apart from cognitive functions it is also known to improve your athletic performance.

Alpha GPC capsules v/s powder

When you decide to take Alpha GPC the next thing that you need to consider is whether to take it in the powder form or capsule form. Since, it is available in both the forms it becomes difficult for the buyer to decide. Both has their own pros and cons. Capsules are convenient to take and sometimes even easy to obtain. On the other hand they take more time to be absorbed in the bloodstream. The reason behind is, the outer coating of the capsule needs to be dissolved first then the powder inside becomes available. So, overall the entire process gets slowed down and you get to experience the effect late. Now, when we talk of Alpha GPC powder, it acts a lot faster. But you have to give effort in mixing the scoops of powder with any drink say for example water or juice (avoid mixing it with milk) and drink it. The powder gets dissolved faster in the bloodstream. Powder helps you customize the doses easily as per your need.

The benefits

Alpha GPC is known to show afew promising results in animals like:

  • Improves both cognitive and athletic performance– As per the studies done in rodents and human being evidence shows that Alpha GPC helps to improve both your physical and cognitive performance by instigating the growth hormones in adults.
  • Boosts the brain health–Way back in 1994, an Italian clinical trial proved that Alpha GPC plays a vital role in improving brain health. When participants were kept on Alpha-GPC supplement regimen for almost 6 months, they displayed cognitive improvement.

Where to buy

Alpha GPC powderor capsules whatever it be, you can easily purchase it online. These products are normally safe and reliable. It is easily available OTC (over the counter). Before you buy you should have an idea that this product is comparatively expensive than other choline supplements. But it is also stronger and two times more powerful than any other supplement like CDP choline and Citicoline.Its dosage is also less than other sources of choline.It is normally advised to buy in bulk. But before you buy the product, you should go through the user reviews and product descriptions to have a fair idea of what to expect. Buying online is the most convenient option. You can go through the variety of options available and then place the order as per your need.

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