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Mouth Guards are a Must in any Physical Activity to Avoid Mouth and Teeth Injuries

  • by Daniel Arthur
  • 3 Years ago
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Over the past years, active and competitive sports have dramatically grown and between 20 and 25 million people are said to take part in various competitive sports. With such amount of participation, injuries can occur significantly. And maxillofacial injuries seem to be quite common among participants in competitive sports. Also, athletes are more likely to sustain mouth injury when they do not wear a mouth guard. Usually, these injuries have lasting effects that may require costly dental attention.

Taking part in active sports without a protective mouth guard will put athletes at a higher risk of severe dental injury and other head injuries. if an athlete gets a blow to his head, his jaw and teeth usually impact together sending a shock through the spine and neck leading to more injuries which could have been prevented when the athlete wore a mouth guard.

Kinds of Dental Injuries

Teeth injuries are categorized into:

  • Fractures- These include root fractures, chipped or broken teeth. Different treatments can be used; however, dental intervention is necessary and fracture injuries can be quite painful.
  • Avulsion- These injuries arise if an entire tooth, that includes its root, is knocked out and removed from the gum. These injuries will require surgery although it is possible to reinsert the tooth into the gum.
  • Luxation- This occurs when a tooth is knocked out of its position; however, still anchored in the mouth. It quires professional dental care to properly fix the positioning of the tooth and guarantee proper function.

Dental Injury Prevention

Usually, dental injuries can be easily mitigated. In general, contact sports require a custom-fitted and protective mouth guard; however, in all competitive sports athletes are advised to use one in order to protect their mouth and teeth from injuries. A high quality and well-fitted mouth guard can reduce the risk of tooth injury and help in preventing concussions during head blows. A good dentist in Oxon Hill MD will recommend using a protective mouth guard in all physical activities that has a risk of mouth or head blows.

Kinds of Mouth Guards

Mouth guards can be ready made, mouth formed or custom-made by a dental professional. They vary in comfort, effectiveness and price. However, they provide a great level of protection from teeth and mouth injury. To ensure the best result, a mouth guard must be resistant to ripping and tearing, comfortable and resilient.

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