Reasons for Dental Implants Preferred to Other Alternatives

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Chances are higher you would come across people who already have undergone dental implant treatment. It would also be possible that they had undergone positive experience. Dental implants could be excellent treatment to replace missing teeth. Moreover, the treatment has been quickly becoming popular with people looking forward to their dental needs. Despite all this, are you aware about the precise treatment? Do you know what to expect from the treatment?

Understanding dental implants and its working

Dental implants would be best described as treatment that comprises three separate parts:

  • Implant post or screw inserted in jawbone
  • Abutment attached to implant post
  • Final tooth restoration to cover the abutment

The idea behind using the screw would be to bond the jawbone during the process known as Osseo Integration. New bone cells would begin to grow on the treated implant. It would hold the post strongly in its place. The process of bonding would assist in ensuring the implant post has requisite strength to hold replacement tooth. Dental implants could be used for supporting implant crowns, dentures and bridges.

Reason for dental implant treatment deemed better than other available options

The major reason why implants would be deemed better than other available options would be the manner implant replaces the root of tooth artificially. Therefore, in the implant procedure, the natural tooth roots would be imperative for good overall dental health. After the replacement of the natural tooth root, the old bone cells are not replaced and jawbone starts to resorb gradually. The process of resorption would take place during the first initial years after loss of tooth. That is why it would be imperative to think on replacing the lost teeth at the earliest.

Yet another reason would be aesthetically pleasing feature of the dental implants. It would be true for replacing single teeth. A top rated dentist would be able to create superb new implant teeth that would appear amazingly realistic. They would do so by using the latest equipments and tools. The dentist would ensure that teeth have been designed to providing the correct amount of support for your lips and cheeks. It would avoid the sunken-in appearance that could be similar to prematurely aging in people suffering from multiple tooth loss.

Dental implants would be the best solution for people having uncomfortable dentures. In case, you were suffering from chewing and limited to specific kinds of foods, dental implants at CRFI would provide you the freedom to eat all kinds of foods.

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