June 4, 2019
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Types of Straightening Teeth That Can Improve Your Smile

  • by Daniel Arthur
  • 1 year ago
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Do you see crooked as something hiding your smile and you don’t feel comfortable on occasions? Do you know the ways you can use to straighten your teeth? Currently, there is good news because there is the discovery of procedures for teeth straightening. These procedures are suitable for both children and adults having a problem.

However, today, the orthodontic treatments are having removable appliances, lesser invasive materials and can be straightened within a short time. It is therefore essential to visit your Columbia Invisalign consultant and seek the help of straightening your teeth.

There are benefits of having straightened teeth. First, you will be able to clean them easily. If you have crooked teeth, cleaning is not possible and will be requiring more of your time. So, if you don’t clean properly, the bacteria called plaque will accumulate and form tartar. It is from then that you will start having gum problems. So, cleaning your teeth properly is essential.

The other benefit of having straight teeth is that you will have overall oral health. This is possible because cleaning is done properly. In this article, you can learn the different types of teeth straightening that you can use to improve your smile:

  • Lingual Braces

It is a type of teeth straightening that is also referred to as invisible braces. Most people love the type of teeth straightening because the braces are put inside that teeth and therefore hidden such that other people can’t notice whether they are straightening crooked teeth.

The other reason why people like this method is that they try hiding the appearances. However, these braces are customized and they are expensive compared to traditional braces.

  • Clear Teeth Aligners

Clear teeth aligners are another form used by dentists to straighten their patients’ teeth. They are kind of Invisalign that includes a series of customized removable aligners and you can wear like a retainer.

However, these aligners are supposed to be replaced after two weeks until the moment teeth will have shifted to a normal position. Moreover, these aligners are less noticeable when you compare to traditional braces and you can easily remove them while flossing, eating and brushing.

  • Traditional Braces

Traditional braces are common in most places for straightening teeth. However, these braces consist of wires, brackets and elastic bands that will work together to ensure your teeth moves to the correct position.

Today, some of these braces are smaller and lighter compared to the earlier versions. However, they also come in different colors to choose from.

  • Damon Braces

It includes self-litigating brackets. These braces are less noticeable compared to traditional brackets with short treatment making them expensive method. They have brackets using a slide mechanism, unlike others that use elastic bands to hold their wires in place.

  • Short-Term Treatment

It is something suitable for people who want to get cosmetic straightening benefits without getting complex bite corrections. It is a method that lowers the cost when you compare it with traditional braces. It, therefore, seems to be the right option for most candidates.

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