When Is Dental Filling Required

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The thought of getting a filling is nothing to worry about. It is a common and painless procedure. These days, getting a filling has become quite a normal dental procedure. This article explains all about tooth fillings so the next time you visit your dentist for a filling appointment, you know what to expect.

Different Types of Filling?

Fillings help restore your tooth back to its original shape, look and function. Normally, fillings are completed with the help of one of these three materials:


  1. Amalgam: this is a silver filling commonly used all over the world. However, this type of filling is not suggested for large fillings because it can weaken the tooth structure and possibly cause a fracture.


  1. Composite resin: this filling happens to be a very popular choice because it is offered in the color white so that it matches with the color of your teeth. This type of filling is affordable, which is another reason why it is preferred by most people.


  1. Gold or porcelain inlays: this is another choice in dental fillings. It is used for tooth repairs due to its property of being durable and strong, as well as appropriate for where the teeth are tremendously damaged.


When Do You Require A Filling in Your Tooth?

There are a number of reasons for getting a tooth filling:

1.   The Tooth Is Damaged Because Of Decay:

Due to lack of proper oral hygiene habits such as eating food and drinks that contain high amounts of sugar and then not brushing your teeth properly and regularly, the teeth start to decay. Sugary foods and drinks contain acid that wears away the enamel and causes cavities.


2.   The tooth is damaged because of trauma:

There can be incidents where the tooth is damaged due to trauma for example by a sports injury, or by any mishap. The accident could be of a high-intensity and might have a direct impact on your teeth that damages it. In such cases where your teeth get damaged, you need to give your dentist a visit.


3.   The Tooth Has An Inherent Fault:

A lot of people are susceptible to gum and teeth issues. There are many reasons for that. It could be caused by nutritional issues or it could be because of your genes. Whatever the case may be, its imperative to go to your dentist and get the treatment as soon as possible.


What Can You Expect At Your Dentist Appointment For A Filling

When you give your dentist a visit, you shouldn’t feel anxious at all about getting a dental filling. your dentist will take the time to discuss all the types of filling, and which one will be most appropriate for you. You just lie back, relax and let your dentist do their job. You won’t feel a thing. After your filling is all done, you won’t be able to tell the difference between the one that had the filling and the other teeth.


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