When Should You Pay a Visit to Your Orthodontist?

  • by Daniel Arthur
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You can be strict and dedicated to all kinds of good dental hygiene habits, like brushing and flossing on a regular basis. You can pay heed to all healthy and balanced diets, treating your oral health with all the case and respect it deserves. They are all good practices to follow, but they do not ensure that you won’t have to see your orthodontist in the imminent future. And if there is a need to find an orthodontist in Manhattan, then you must not delay at all costs. They can easily solve your problems before they turn into something terribly painful. And if you are wondering to see your orthodontists, then lookout for some telltale signs that say so. Here is a list of symptoms and conditions that you must always consider. If you are relating to any of these, it’s time to pay a visit to your orthodontist.

For children

It is highly recommended that children must see an orthodontists at the age of seven. It is always a good practice to take them to their orthodontist no matter if their oral health is good or not. Their jaws are still under development and the very purpose of the visit is to get hold of any potential issues before they turn into something escalating.

For Adults

Many adults stop themselves from smiling because they are afraid that it might reveal their unhealthy teeth. They often cover their mouth with their hands. They are sometimes embarrassed by their crooked teeth as well. These are the telltale signs that you need to pay a visit to your orthodontist. The primary reason why people visit their orthodontist is to get a malocclusion treatment done. It is referred to as a bad bite, where your teeth have shifted which has prone them to become crooked or overcrowded. This consequently leads to overbites and underbites. This condition can also subject your oral health to tooth decay, gum diseases and sometimes even bone loss as the overlapping of teeth can be really difficult to clean. Bad bites can also lead to problems with talking and chewing.

Braces and Invisalign

Orthodontists help in straightening your teeth and your biting activities. They curate this by fixing your teeth and lining up your jaws. This is done through braces, Invisalign treatment and other non-invasive surgeries and procedures. No matter if your teeth look fine and show no sign of movement, pay heed to other warning signs. If your gums bleed or your breath stinks, no matter how hard you try to fix it, it is a warning sign of periodontal disease. And by the time your gums riot, the teeth loosen up and cause movement which affects your jaw bone, your bite and the working of your mouth.

Relieve and Prevent Tooth Pain

If there is any consistent pain in your jaw, it is also a good reason to visit your orthodontist. Loose teeth can hit a nerve or grow at a weird angle, which can create a painful pressure on the vulnerable parts of your mouth. And once the natural tooth is gone, it’s gone for eternity. Preserve the ones you have before you lose them too.

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