Why Daily Flossing is a Must

  • by Daniel Arthur
  • 2 Years ago
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A good oral hygiene habit includes flossing the teeth. Flossing completes the brushing process. The soft bristles on the toothbrush remove the sticky plaque found on the teeth which can cause cavities. To improve the effect of a toothbrush and minimize bacteria buildup, fluoride toothpaste is used.  However, neither can clean areas that are not easy to reach but a dental floss can. Your floss can reach spaces under the gum line and between teeth. There are many reasons why your Spa Dentaire Laurier tells you to floss your teeth every day.

 Prevent Tooth Decay

If you don’t floss, you leave food and bacteria in between your teeth. Such bacteria are called plaque and can become tartar over time. Once tartar builds up, your tooth can decay. Flossing eliminates the plaque between your teeth and helps in preventing tooth decay.

Prevent Bad Breath

When left attended, dental plaque found in between teeth can lead to a bad breath. Sometimes, brushing is not enough to remove this plaque and flossing can complete the task.

Maintain the Health of your Teeth

When you floss, you remove the harmful particles which cause tooth decay. And this means your teeth stay strong and healthy without being invaded by disease-causing bacteria.

Avoid Gum Disease

While daily brushing helps in preventing gum disease, your toothbrush may not be able to take care of the bacteria that can cause diseases in your mouth. Flossing works wonders when it comes to removing these bacteria.

Reduce Dental Visits

Taking care of your teeth by flossing every day can help in reducing the number of dental visits you should make. Also, it can help prevent the need for a root canal.

Improve your Health

A healthier mouth and teeth give you a healthier body overall. This is because an unhealthy mouth can put you at risk of health issues like a heart attack or stroke.

Save Money

As your teeth start to decay bacteria buildup, cavities will form. And to prevent tooth loss, these cavities must be filled and fillings are not cheap. By ensuring that you floss on a daily basis, you lower your risk of getting cavities and having to spend money on fillings.

There are a lot of good reasons to floss your teeth on a daily basis and finding time to make this a habit will benefit you in the long run. You will have a fresher breath as well as a healthier teeth, mouth and body.

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